Scientist (70 jokes)

2011 is the sum of 11 CONSECUTIVE prime numbers:
2011 = 157 + 163 + 167 + 173 + 179 + 181 + 191 + 193 + 197 + 199 + 211

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230 - 220 x 0.5 = ?
You probably won’t believe it, but the answer is 5!

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6 was afraid of 7 because 789. But why did 7 eat 9?
Because he needed 3² meals a day.

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77% of Americans are terrible at math. So glad to be a part of the other 33%!

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Actually, Fahrenheit is the name of the scientist; Fahrenheit’s Monster is the name of the unit of measurement.

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A math teacher welcomed a new French exchange student into her class and then started teaching a lesson on fractions.
The French exchange student raised his hand and said, “Excuse me Madam, but I don’t know how to say fractions. How do you say those?”

“Easy,” said the teacher, “you just say the top number and then the bottom number is read as an ordinal number. For example, 2/3 is ‘two-thirds’, 3/4 is ‘three-fourths’, and 2/5 is ‘two-fifths’.”

“Thanks, I understand, “said the exchange student.

“Good,” said the teacher, and then asked the student, “so how do you say 4/8?”

“Should I reduce?” asked the boy.

“That would be best,” said the teacher.

“One-second,” said the boy.

“Take as long as you need,” said the teacher.

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An expert is someone who’s committed all the possible mistakes in a field.

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An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar.

The first mathematician orders a beer
The second orders half a beer

“I don’t serve half-beers” the bartender replies
“Excuse me?” Asks mathematician #2
“What kind of bar serves half-beers?” The bartender remarks. “That’s ridiculous.”
“Oh c’mon” says mathematician #1 “do you know how hard it is to collect an infinite number of us? Just play along”
“There are very strict laws on how I can serve drinks. I couldn’t serve you half a beer even if I wanted to.”
“But that’s not a problem” mathematician #3 chimes in, “at the end of the joke you serve us a whole number of beers. You see, when you take the sum of a continuously halving function-“
“I know how limits work” interjects the bartender
“Oh, alright then. I didn’t want to assume a bartender would be familiar with such advanced mathematics”
“Are you kidding me?” The bartender replies, “you learn limits in like, 9th grade! What kind of mathematician thinks limits are advanced mathematics?”
“HE’S ON TO US” mathematician #1 screeches

Simultaneously, every mathematician opens their mouth and out pours a cloud of multicolored mosquitoes. Each mathematician is bellowing insects of a different shade.
The mosquitoes form into a singular, polychromatic swarm. “FOOLS” it booms in unison, “I WILL INFECT EVERY BEING ON THIS PATHETIC PLANET WITH MALARIA”

The bartender stands fearless against the technicolor hoard. “But wait” he interrupts, thinking fast, “if you do that, politicians will use the catastrophe as an excuse to implement free healthcare. Think of how much that will hurt the taxpayers!”

The mosquitoes fall silent for a brief moment. “My God, you’re right. We didn’t think about the economy! Very well, we will not attack this dimension. FOR THE TAXPAYERS!” and with that, they vanish.

A nearby barfly stumbles over to the bartender. “How did you know that that would work?”
“It’s simple really” the bartender says. “I saw that the vectors formed a gradient, and therefore must be conservative.”

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An intellectual came to check in on a friend who was seriously ill.
When the man’s wife said that he had ‘departed’, the intellectual replied: “When he comes back, will you tell him that I stopped by?”

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A perfectly triangular lake has 3 kingdoms on its 3 sides. The first kingdom is rich and powerful, filled with wealthy, prosperous people, the second is more humble, but has its fair share of wealth and power. The third kingdom is struggling and poor, and barely has an army.

The kingdoms eventually go to war over control of the lake, as it’s a valuable resource to have. The first kingdom sends 100 of its finest knights, clad in the best armour and each with their own personal squire. The second kingdom sends 50 knights, with fine leather armour and a few dozen squires of their own. The third kingdom sends their one and only knight, an elderly warrior who has long since passed his prime, with his own personal squire.

The night before the big battle, the knights in the first kingdom drink and party into the late hours of the night. The knights in the second kingdom aren’t as well off, but have their own supply of grog and drink well into the night.

In the third camp, the faithful squire gets a rope and swings it over the branch of a tall tree, making a noose, and hangs a pot from it. He fills the pot with stew and has a humble dinner with the old knight.

The next morning, the knights in the first two kingdoms are hungover and unable to fight, while the knight in the third kingdom is old weary, unable to get up. In place of the knights, the squires from all three kingdoms go and fight. The battle lasts long into the night but by the time the dust settled, only one squire was left standing - the squire from the third kingdom.

And it just goes to show you that the squire of the high pot and noose is equal to the sum of the squires of the other two sides.

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