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An American evangelist was touring around Ireland spreading his message.

One of his stops was in a small village hall and only about 40 people turned up to listen.
After around 15 minutes of a sermon, he called out,” If there is anyone here who would like to be healed come to the front.”

A man on crutches hobbled up to him,
”Whats your name and what do you want?” asked the evangelist.
“Fred,” was the reply,“ and I would like to be able to walk again.”
“OK,” said the evangelist, “go behind that curtain, is there anybody else here who would like to be healed?”

Up came another man.
“What is your name and what do you want?”
“Ppppatrick,” said the man,” and I wwwould like ttto ttalk without a sssstammer.”
“Patrick, go behind the curtain!” said the evangelist.

He then said to the audience,
”I want you to pray for these two men for ten minutes solid.”

At the end of the ten minutes, he said,
”Fred throw out your crutches!”A pair of crutches flew over the curtain.
“Patrick say something!”
“Fffreds fffell over.” was the reply.