😂 😯 😝

Me: “How do I say this meeting is a waste of my time I am not paid enough to deal with your bullshit?”
Boss: “Can you provide me with a meeting agenda so I can ensure my presence adds value? I want to prioritize my schedule to support our most urgent needs.”

Me: “How do I say there is no way you are this fucking stupid?”
Boss: “I think there was a disconnect, can you restate your definition of this concept so we can ensure there’s no miscommunication?”

Me: “How do I say I am not your secretary?”
Boss: “I’m going to redirect you to (name) for assistance on this particular task.”

Me: “How do I say I have a goddamn PhD do not patronize me?”
Boss: “I appreciate the clarification, however I do have the subject matter expertise to manage this on my own.”

Me: “How do I say fight me?”
Boss: (deep sigh) “I think we should discuss this offline.”

Me: “How do I say you fucked around now you’re finding out?”
Boss: “I think you’ll find that this outcome is in line with the predictions we made during the (date) meeting.”