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Three explorers get lost in a huge jungle. After wandering around for days, they are found and captured by a jungle tribe. The tribesmen take the explorers to their leader and drop them at his feet. The chieftain looks at them for a moment and says, “The three of you will die unless you manage to do a near impossible task. Each of you must gather 10 fruits of the same kind and bring them to me.”

The explorers cannot believe their luck at being given such an easy task. They set out their separate ways to find a fruit as fast as they can. The first one finds an apple tree and so quickly gathers 10 of them. The second one finds some cherries and plucks a bunch of them.They rush to the chieftain and present the fruits. The chieftain smiles and says, “ Now you must shove them up your ass one by one, and if you make any noise or facial expression I will slit your throat right here.”

The first explorer, resigned to his fate, puts on a brave face and starts shoving the apples. He gets to four and then he can't take it anymore. As soon as he yells in despair, the chieftain takes his knife and slits his throat leaving him to bleed out on the ground.
The first explorer dies and reaches the gates of heaven, and while he is walking in he sees the second explorer running to catch up with him. “Why are you here? I thought you only had ten small cherries with you?” The first guy asks him.
The second explorer laughs and says “Well all was going fine and I was just sliding the ninth cherry inside, but then I saw our friend dragging a cart of the largest pineapples have seen behind him and I burst out laughing!”